Commissioning is a process vital to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to confirm that all of your existing equipment is operating as it was originally intended. Lane Associates can be your source of information and expertise to fully examine the operation of your building and recommend procedures to follow to bring your system to its original design parameters. Our in-house certified commissioning team can come to your building and after going through the commissioning process can either verify that the system is operational and might only require some minor adjustments or we can develop a plan to correct system deficiencies. The future of building development is moving towards green buildings and LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification. This process is necessary to ensure your building is working at its maximum potential. As building development move towards the green building design, commissioning can be used to verify that the original LEED design criterion is being maintained.


Balancing is a process to distribute the appropriate amounts of air or liquid to the systems’ design criteria. It can be used to fine tune a system and ensure that all systems are working at their maximum possible efficiency. Improper balancing is the cause of many systems not being able to function properly. It is recommended to balance both your air and liquid systems on initial installation as well as periodically while the system is running. Systems should be balanced to meet design specifications to run at peak efficiency.